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One Sentence Can Change California History

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Sounds like a good way to oppress minorities.
The 2/3's super-majority requirement in the legislature has made the state ungovernable. The present budget crisis is a direct result of that and said crisis is 'oppressing minorities' pretty damned hard.

"ungovernable" only works if I believe the legislature was doing its job in the first place.

That statement does not mean anything.

Neither does "ungovernable." Thanks for the agreement.
"ungovernable" means unable to govern, which clearly defines the State of the State. Your statement '"ungovernable" only works if I believe the legislature was doing its job in the first place' is meaningless if present completion of the state constitution prevents the legislature from functioning aka 'do its job'. It is also utterly vague, as if you really didn't wish to think any of this through.

Ungovernable is not active, but passive. Check it out The legislature's job is to choose what to fund, and not fund what they don't choose to within the limits of the budget. I've talked to them, mine and others. They don't want to choose: it might make them "unpopular" with various constituent groups, whose problems they will happily describe to you. Result: massive spending up to the limit of funding when the economy is going well, budget battles all the way down, massive spending when the economy is going well, budget battles all the way down. Sure the budget battles are not pretty. But I want them to choose the shape of the state on purpose, and know that if it's inspiring, they will get the support they need.
C'com, that's hairsplitting horseshit and you know it. It's also typical of a Blue Dog. Please, just cross the isle and stop that game.

The Hard Right Repugs have shut the process down because they can. They refuse raise taxes one penny, while crippling structures like Prop 13 remain in place. But I suppose Right Wing Republican Mormons are the 'oppressed minority' you had in mind to begin with.

All that is being proposed here is that a simple majority gets to pass all types of legislation. If you say that is unworkable, then essentially you're saying mass democracy has failed*.


*And I tend to agree...
Exactly. Bad structures lead to many bad decisions.

Another example: Allowing both parties to hold "primaries" to get rid of the members who want real change, instead sticking with the people sponsored by local businesses is in place now. Result: denial of choice to citizens. Mass democracy fails, again.

I'm still going to work for the passage of this initiative. It may be a merely interim solution, but it will ameliorate the situation to a certain extent. 'Light a candle instead of curse the darkness' and all that.

I have other long term plans, but I suspect you really would not like those.