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so we're on our way back down from the hillz and its starts to rain. lan and chels start screaming "its raining its pouring" at he top of their lungs as if they were being killed and screaming for help...it was funny... i had an alright time p at her house today...it was better than corona thats fo sho...they left about 15 minutes ago... after we started to watch power rangers the movie(one of the worst/best movies ever)... and then i started to think back to "the old days" when i was kid watching the power rangers tv show...it used to be awesome...I had the biggest crush on the blue ranger...billy was sooo hot(geez... what was that like 1st grade?)...then they made the movie and that was cool...but after the movie, the sow became tired and old...it was a big retarded conundrum. it made me angry...they chnage d up and started to do something with car zord thingies and i was like "um... no?" and stopped watching but my sisters coninued....and then they had the second major released power rangers movie and they felt as if it was necessary to their survival to see it....the movie was after all the good charaacters(left like the original red, pink, and white ranger) and they decided to bring em back and made the pink and the red rangers evil or some shit...but it was weird...then they went into space and i decide not to waste my time...but yeah... have yall been watching lately? i admit it... i was watching cuz here was absolutely nothing else on(its weird, this happens once every 6 months where there's nothing on and i end up watching power rangers)....its some dino thing now and there's only 3 rangers...its akward when u try to revisit ur child hood and u realize how stupid it was...like i was watching i love the 90s and they were talkin about power rangers and how it was originally some japanese show and they just added footage of american teens to the show...and i was like "NUH UH!!!!!!!" i felt totally gypped... but what ev... bleg...imma go and sleep now...
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